Find and Mutate

This operation comes in two forms of mutation, update and remove. Each operation finds documents based on a query and mutates them. After the operation executes it returns the mutates Documents.


This operation finds all Documents matching a query, sorts them and limits the removed results. This function returns an array of the removed Documents.

let adults = try db["users"].findAndRemove("age" >= 18)

The above removes all adult people from the userbase and puts them in an array.


This operation updates the Documents matching a query using an update document. It allows upsertion and can return the Documents in their state before of after the update Document has applied.

let forcedPasswordResets = try db["users"].findAndUpdate("lastPasswordChange" < dataBreachDate, with: [
	"$set": [
		"requirePasswordUpdate": true,
		"loginMessage": "Since our website has been hacked, please update your password."
], returnedDocument: .old)

The ReturnedDocument enum specifies whether to return the document’s state before or after the $set operation applied. The options are .old and .new, using .old by default.