(Meow)Mongo ORM

MeowMongo is a MongoKitten based ORM using code generation.

It’s USPs are a type-safe query language, type-safe index builder and a easy set up.


Install Sourcery to get access to the main USPs of this ORM.

And include this in your Package.swift and rebuild your .xcodeproj file using swift package generate-xcodeproj.

  dependencies: [
    .Package(url: "https://github.com/OpenKitten/MeowMongo.git", majorVersion: 0, minor: 3)

Setting up your database connection

We’ve made this really easy. All you have to do is call Meow.init with your MongoDB connection string. Please note, Meow.init needs to be spelled out fully. Meow("mongodb://localhost") will not work.

import MeowMongo

// TODO: Replace with MongoDB URL
try Meow.init("mongodb://localhost")

Generating the rest with Sourcery

Assuming your terminal’s PWD is the project root where Package.swift resides:

sourcery ./Sources/ .build/checkouts/MeowMongo*/Templates ./Sources/Generated.swift

This will scan your sources and generate a new file called Generated.swift in your project.

The first time you add this file you will need to regenerate the Xcode project:

swift package generate-xcodeproj

Frequently updated models

If you frequently update your models (during development), add --watch to the sourcery command to update whenever a change is detected.

sourcery --watch ./Sources/ .build/checkouts/MeowMongo*/Templates ./Sources/Generated.swift

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